type: String or Array
default: jQuery target

This is for defining where to look for the Galleria data. By default, Galleria looks for HTML data in the target selector, but you can tell Galleria to look elsewhere in the document using this option.

If you are using JSON data, you can use this option to bring that JSON Array into Galleria.


// Galleria will look for images in '.galleria':'.galleria');

// Galleria will look for images in '#images'
// but use '.galleria' as gallery container:'.galleria', { dataSource: '#images' });

Using custom data Array:

<div class="galleria"></div>
var data = [
    { image: "/path/to/myimage1.jpg" },
    { image: "/path/to/myimage2.jpg" },
];'.galleria', {
    dataSource: data,