The Azur theme was created in August 2012 in Cote D’Azur (French riviera).


  • light - A lighter variation that works great on white backgrounds or lighter themed web sites

  • smallarrows - Shows smaller navigation arrows


    transition: 'fade',
    transitionSpeed: 500,
    imageCrop: true,
    thumbCrop: 'height',
    idleMode: 'hover',
    idleSpeed: 500,
    fullscreenTransition: false

Theme-specific options

    // Set this to false if you want to have captions visible all the time
    _toggleCaption: true,

    // Toggles tooltip
    _showTooltip: true,

    // Sets this to false if you don’t want to show the captions initially
    _showCaption: true,

    // Localized strings, modify these if you want tooltips in your language
    _locale: {
        show_captions: 'Show captions',
        hide_captions: 'Hide captions',
        play: 'Play slideshow',
        pause: 'Pause slideshow',
        enter_fullscreen: 'Enter fullscreen',
        exit_fullscreen: 'Exit fullscreen',
        next: 'Next image',
        prev: 'Previous image',
        showing_image: 'Showing image %s of %s'